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Lazada Discount Voucher Code

Good news Lazada Philippines shoppers!

I am very glad to share to you a generic discount voucher code to every Lazada shoppers in the Philippines!  For a minimum worth of purchase of P3,000, you can use this code:

LZDbrDgr, PHP300 Discount Voucher Code

Did you get it?  So, what are you waiting for… Shop now! ^_^

Well, I DID! :-)

Six Word Saturday #3

“Your Fault; Need To Be Pro-active”

Packaging Ideas to Think

Are you in need of packaging materials for different kinds of business?

Well, I am.

Me and my little sister are starting up a business online, a clothing store, and we are looking for affordable packaging materials for our upcoming business venture.  Packaging is one essential part in selling, as I understand it.  It makes your business look serious and presentable.  With attractive and catchy packaging materials I am hoping to attract customers everywhere online.

Right now, I’m thinking of using gift boxes for small orders and cardboard boxes for big orders, these boxes are for my clothing packaging but with attractive prints which I like to design myself.  I’m actually looking at the page of Kite Packaging’s Double Wall Cardboard boxes, but it seems that these cardboard boxes are for heavy duty packaging since it is said the box is double-walled and I think I will only be needing a regular cardboard box.

I might also consider getting bubble wrap for added safety on items that needs more safety handling or recycled paper rolls on regular item products.

Though I have this idea of packaging, I’m still scouting for these boxes I planned of using for our little business, also the design or label on the boxes as well.  Good thing, I can work on the labels on my Adobe Photoshop.  A few more edits then I’m almost done on the boxes prints.  Scout for the boxes next! ^_^


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